michelle and quintin
ian and sabine

The Highland Cookhouse was launched in November 2015 by us – Quintin and Michelle Stevens, and Ian and Sabine Richards – four foodie friends fanatical about Highland produce!

United by our love of great tasting food using the finest, fully traceable ingredients from our local area, we are dedicated to delivering real Highland meals to fellow foodies like you.

Inspired by the abundance of amazing produce found right here on our doorstep, The Highland Cookhouse is all about provenance, sustainability and wellbeing. And taste, of course!

Our passionate team of experienced in-house chefs recreate handmade meals just like you’d cook at home, with nothing added but the highest quality, fully traceable real food fresh from the glorious Highlands, sustainably sourced and ethically produced by our hand selected suppliers.

All our meals are cooked from scratch, chilled, packed and blast-frozen for maximum freshness, flavour and nutritional value. This means we don’t have to add any preservatives whatsoever, so all you get is a great tasting handmade meal bursting with the best locally sourced produce we can lay our hands on.

Cookhouse meals cook from frozen in 45 minutes or less, or from chilled in less than 25 minutes.

Real Highland meals – maximum taste, minimum environmental impact